21 Day 
Kimberley Adventure
1 June 2013 - 21 June 2013

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity at a once in a lifetime price. Don't delay, as we have limited places on this tour. We keep out convoys small and friendly.
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Trailers are welcome on this tour.

The Kimberley region of Australia's north-west is the quintissential adventure and 4wd destination. Remote and largely undisturbed, it represents a true frontier. Visit some of the remotest sections of the Australian coast, catch fish like you never have before. Discover ancient aboriginal rock art including the amazing Bradshaw art unique to the Kimberley. If you undertook just one four-wheel drive tag-along trip in your lifetime this would be it.

We begin or adventure in the centre of Australia at Alice Springs. Once comfortable at the MacDonnel Range Caravan Park we have a brief introductory session before heading north west up the Tanami track. Along the way we explore the grazing and mining history of this remote area of Australia. Our first camp is a little known site along the Tanami road where we can watch the sunset over the wide horizon of the Tanami desert.

Once across the West Australian border the track deteriorates as we move away from the major gold mines and into the remoter areas.  We take you away from the Tanami track and onto a more remote track to Balgo and then to Lake Gregory and the aboriginal community of Bililuna (Mindibungu). Until recently, this track was inaccessable. The following day we connect up with the northern end of the Canning Stock Route before continuing to Wolfe Creek Meterorite Crater made famous in the movie Wolf Creek.

Our next camp is adjacent to the location of the original township of Halls Creek (Old Halls Creek) on a small waterhole, where you can watch the colours of the sunset play on the rocks. 

The most amazing location in the Kimberley region has to be Purnululu National Park and the Bungle Bungle Range. This ancient landscape consisting of beehive like mountains will have you totally awestuck. We spend two days here so that you may explore the spectacular gorges and chasms of this fascinating region. The access road to Purlululu National Park is deliberately kept unmaintained to a great extent, in order to limit access to this wonderful site. Travelling with a tag-along definitely makes the going safer. 

From Punululu we head for Kununurra and our unspoiled campsite on the Ord River where 5 metre crocodiles can be seen lazing in the sun (don't worry we camp out of reach of them). Be sure to bring your fishing rod though, as this is prime Barramundi territory.

Travelling along little known historic tracks we explore the history of the Wyndham region before camping on the banks of the King River. The next day we travel over some rugged rocky sections of track and then over some claypans before exploring the Pentecost River. Our campsite is at the famous cattle station and resort know as El Questro.

El Questro is the jewel of the Kimberley, you will be amazed at the gorges, streams and hot springs that abound in this remote and othewise barren region. Fish for Barramundi, explore the 4wd trails and watch the sunset from the mountain tops, This is truly God's country.

From El Questro we intitially make our way along the Gibb River Road, then head north along the Kulumburu road. Here is where we encounter some amazing aboriginal art. We are headed for Mitchell falls, then the remote and and almost unexplored regions of the Kimberly coast, but along the way we camp at a billabong where freshwater crocodiles and sooty grunter abound. The fishing is something to behold.

At Mitchell falls campground we walk into the spectacular falls and if you wish fly out by helicopter. The view from the air confirms just how rugged the region is.

We continue travelling along the Gibb river road to more spectacular gorges and remote campsites, we walk 750 metres underground at Tunnel Creek- a truly unique experience. Experience some of the most spectacular scenery in Australia, and don't forget to bring your camera.

The attractions of this tour are just too many to list, the campsites too spectacular to describe. Book now for the most incredible outback tour.

Travelling in the remote areas of the Kimberley without a support vehicle can be dangerous and expensive. Should you break down while travelling alone, vehicle recovery costs in the very remote areas could amount to several thousands of dollars. A new HF radio such as your tour guide carries costs more than the ticket price for this tour. Save yourself the money, time and hassle- tag along with David and Justine Olsen's 4WD Tag Along Tours.

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